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DTF Transfers By Size

DTF Transfers By Size

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Pick your transfer size for your design, your quantity and upload your artwork, it's that easy! Your order will come pre-cut. Bulk discounts given towards total pieces across all sizes and designs for max discount.



We suggest a minimum line thickness of 2.5pt (11px at 300 PPI). Lines or details thinner than this may not have enough adhesive and you will most likely have issues during application. We suggest thickening up thin lines or adding an outline/fill color to meet this minimum thickness. We print in CMYK format. If you provide artwork in RGB format, it will be converted to CMYK. Additionally, some RBG colors cannot be created within the CMYK gamut. We recommend creating all art files in CMYK so you have a better understanding of color output. Color output is not guaranteed to match what you see on screen. All monitors and devices have different display settings and colors can look much different between what is on screen and what is printed. If specific color matches are required, please provide us with Pantone Solid Coated color swatches. This is the only system we use for color matching. We will not honor RGB, CMYK, or any other Pantone book for color output matching.



Temp: 265-280° I Pressure: Medium - Heavy
Time: 10-15 seconds I Peel: HOT

* Transfers can be peeled COLD. Good for if your press isn't an industrial one and are having issues peeling hot.

Temp: 300°-320° I Pressure: Heavy
Time: 30-40 seconds | Peel: HOT

After you peel your DTF transfer, place a parchment
paper over the design and repress for a 2-5 seconds.

Heat press is recommended. These transfers will work with an iron or Cricut easy press however we are not responsible if your transfers were damages after using an iron/easy press.


All transfer sizes are an estimate.

Colors of the transfers may vary and all not all idIentical.

Every heat press is different, we recommend doing test trials first.

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Don't Mirror Images

We will print your art as you send it so please DO NOT mirror your images or it will be printed that way

Transparent Images

Please make sure all your images are transparent. We will print the background if you send it that way

Art Requirements

Vector art is always preferred, raster art should be at least 300 dpi. Preferred file types: AI, PNG, PDF